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    How to use stopwatch?

    The online stopwatch is a stopwatch program that is suitable for a variety of sports events or situations where daily use of the stopwatch is required. When you click the 'Start' button on the stopwatch, the timer will start timing; when the stopwatch starts to press, press the 'Stop' button, the stopwatch will stop timing; during the stopwatch timing, press the 'lap' Button to add different laps; press 'Reset' to reset the stopwatch to zero and clear the laps.

    The accuracy of this online stopwatch can reach one hundredth of a second, and the maximum time limit is 99 hours. If it is exceeded, the stopwatch timer will automatically reset to zero. The numerical sequence displayed by the stopwatch is [hour: minute: second: hundredth of a second]. If you like this gadget, you can tag this page.

    You can open this service on one page and then switch to other pages to do your own thing. As long as this page is not closed, the online stopwatch will continue to function. Note, however, that if the computer enters sleep mode, the online countdown timer will also stop functioning. So if you want this program to run continuously, remember not to put your computer into sleep mode or turn off sleep mode.