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Youtube Subtitle Downloader let you download subtitle from YouTube with ease. All you need to do is get the url of youtube video you want to download subtitle from, and paste the url to the input form then click submit.

How to use

1-1. Copy url from YouTube directlyhow_to_use_1_1_img1-2. Or click share button on the page then copy url

2. Past url to download subtitlehow_to_use_2_img3. Choose language and file format you wanthow_to_use_3_img4. Check downloaded filehow_to_use_4_img

Who should use Youtube Subtitle Downloader?

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What is CC(closed caption?)

What Is Cc Content Html

How To Add Cc In Youtube

CC or subtitle is used to displaying text on TV or video. For example, if the viewer cannot understand the content of the movie because of hearing impairment, or because of the need to watch the program without sound. At this time, CC subtitles can let people understand the content of the program according to the text, and will not be troubled by the lack of subtitles. Generally speaking, in movie theaters in the United States, if viewers need to watch videos through subtitles, they can choose to wear dedicated CC subtitle glasses, or directly choose to have CC subtitles. If you want to use CC subtitles on Youtube, you must first confirm whether the video supports CC subtitles. If the video has CC subtitles, you can click the "Settings" icon to select the subtitles you want. The subtitles you selected will be displayed below the clicked video.